Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mandi and Jared Visit

THIS POST IS VERY VERY LATE - I have been very busy with work, so sorry :)

March 11, 2011
MANDI AND JARED ARE HERE! Hooray! So excited to see them!

On the lanai
Did you know Mandi has three arms?

Sissy Tiki
Caption contest....

What up
Pissy Pants


March 13, 2011
On Sunday, we took a drive around the East side of the island. There was a bad accident after Sandy's beach, so we couldn't get them over to Makapu'u or Waiamanalo as we had hoped. We stopped at the blowhole to look for whales, but instead saw a seal! Didn't get a very good picture though.

March 14, 2011
Beautiful day at Waikiki beach...

With my Beautiful baby sister!

After a strenuous day at the beach, we headed to lunch at Teddy's Burgers.

When Tony got home from work that afternoon, he took Mandi and Jared out for their first surfing lesson.

Waiting for Tony & Jared to get the surfboards... Looking all surfer chic.

Lesson Part 1
Mandi went first...

And She is up!! Look at her go!
What a pro!

Unfortunately after Mandi's stellar performance, the waves died leaving Jared's lesson waveless...

March 15, 2011
On Tuesday, big waves were supposed to hit the North Shore, so we packed up the car and headed to Waimea Bay to watch the big wave surfers.

Waimea Bay

Pro Surfer Keali’i Mamala

Maya Gabeira - the best Female big wave surfer
Pro Surfer Chris Owens

Chris Owens

That evening we enjoyed a HUGE dinner at Hula Grill! Mandi enjoyed her meatless stir fry and Jared fell in love with our Chili Water sauce.

March 18, 2011
I had to work on their last day here, but Tony was a great help, taking them out surfing one last time and then he drove them off to the airport. Their visit was way too short, but I did enjoy every second of it! It was nice having family here :) especially my lil sissy girl!